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Tricia Thompson, DO founded Maryland Integrative Health in 2018.  She focuses on Root Cause Medicine and Wholehearted Wellness by working to reverse the effects of chronic illness in her patients’ lives. 


Dr. Thompson has practiced Emergency Medicine on Delmarva for 17 years and recognized the staggering increase in the volume of patients presenting to the ED for non-acute conditions or exacerbation of chronic illness.  These patients are hurting, frustrated and not getting better with the traditional treatments prescribed to them.   Most had never considered that their diets, activities or thoughts were influencing their ability to improve their condition or cure their disease.    


Dr. Thompson sought additional training completing a two year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from The University of Arizona and the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice from Institute for Functional Medicine.   Dr. Thompson has served on the Maryland Board of Physicians, is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and is Board Certified by the American Board of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine and is board eligible in the specialty of Integrative Medicine with American Board of Medical Specialties.   


Dr. Thompson has two teenage children, two dogs, a garden and enjoys a daily yoga practice.  She spends her free time watching her son play sports, listening to her daughter sing, traveling, skiing, cooking and is learning how to surf.   

She can be reached at or 510.516.1010

Your Body Only Knows How to Heal

I believe the human body is uniquely designed to heal itself and at the very least it certainly isn’t designed to harm or kill itself. However, in the US we are dealing with what the National Institutes of Health is calling a pandemic of disease where the body is attacking itself.   When your body attacks itself, clearly some safeguard has got awry!   An estimated 23.5 million Americans have at least one diagnosed autoimmune condition and according to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association (AARDA) more than 50 million suffer from some kind of autoimmune challenge in their lifetime!   That is more than all of the COVID cases so far in the USA.  

It is time to pay attention!!

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How is your heart?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have delayed or avoided going to hospitals for heart attacks and strokes – netting poorer outcomes and prompting the AHA to create "Don't Die of Doubt," a national awareness campaign that reminds people that hospitals are the safest place to go when you have symptoms.

And while in lockdown, more people have engaged in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, such as eating poorly, drinking more alcohol and limiting physical activity, that can contribute to heart disease.

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