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Elizabeth Dawson, MIHS, FMCHC, CNC, CPT 

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Super Health Food
Gluten Free
Laughing Yoga

Functional and Integrative

Health Coach

Elizabeth completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Towson University and then attended the Capitol University of Integrative Medicine and secured a Masters degree in Integrative Health Science.


Additionally, she is a Certified Nutrition Consultant from the American Association of Nutrition Consultants and a Certified Pilates Instructor.  She is also completing her Board Certification in coaching through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. 


Elizabeth has enjoyed working in the field of nutrition for 18 years. Her distinctly integrative and holistic approach uses natural, healthy organic food, movement and exercise along with stress reduction to create optimum health.  This approach helps patients increase their energy levels, lose weight, and improve their sleep quality. 


Coaching sessions help develop smart goals and are specific to each person’s individual needs and busy schedules.  The coaching program is designed to provide ongoing support so that YOU will be successful in reaching and maintaining your goals.


5 x 30 Minute sessions are included with your Comprehensive Wellness program. Elizabeth works in conjunction with Dr. Thompson every step of the way! Additional sessions and packages can be purchased separately. Nutritional and Coaching packages are being developed, if you have specific needs please reach out to Elizabeth here.    

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