"I have struggled with gut issues for many years and decided enough was enough. Dr. Tricia Thompson and her team were instrumental in determining the root cause of my gut issues and within days I was on the road to recovery. I have not felt this good in years! I would highly recommend a partnership with Dr. Thompson to live your best life ever."

— Diane

Mudra Meditation
Healthy assortment of yellow foods

“If your focus is on overall health and you want a doctor that will treat you as a whole person... Tricia Thompson has the experience and expertise to get to the root of the problem. You may be surprised to find out what the causes are. She will cover all the bases: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and guide you to the answers you have been longing to find.”

— Linda

Case Study: Linda

Lab Tests

"Tricia ordered some tests, one of which was a stool test. I can't believe that no other doctor had ordered this test for me in the last decade. She learned so much about my condition from this test and a blood test and was able to put a plan together for me and a path to move forward."

Weekly Live Q&A

"... I started to question my own thoughts and beliefs. Was I believing what I was thinking, or was I thinking what I was believing? Tricia spent time discussing mindsets through her weekly group Q&A sessions. These conversations helped me to examine my current mindset and take action to change it to align with my goals."

Stress Management

Over time I came to learn that stress plays a significant role in my discomfort and possibly the reason my progress plateaued with previous efforts."

Nutrition Education

"She helped me realize that I was 'afraid' to eat certain foods due to my beliefs that they were causing my eczema. Thanks to this revelation, I am eating many more foods and will be able to go out to eat in restaurants with friends once again. This issue alone greatly restricted my social interaction with family and friends."