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Maryland Integrative Health is a


In this type of clinic there is no support staff; no receptionist, no medical assistant, and only one doctor.  You may ask, why do I practice medicine this way?


Clinics owned by large corporate entities employ many doctors, requiring many support staff, resulting in high overhead costs.  The doctors in these clinics must see a high volume of patients to meet these operating costs; less time spent with patients, less time to give effective one-on-one care, less time to adequately answer your health concerns.

I want more.  More time with my patients, more one-on-one, more autonomy to practice medicine using systems based  solutions to bring about healing.  Up close.  Personal. 


I choose the micro-practice model to decrease operating costs and manage a smaller patient load, so I could spend more time with you.  Some administrative tasks may take a bit longer than you are used to, this isn't fast food medicine.  Our reports to you and your physicians are complete and complex, they will clearly show you the path.  This is why I worked so hard to become a doctor, to help people find real solutions to their health problems.

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